Prof. Zhandos Utegulov


Room 339, Block 7 (extension)

Department of Physics,

School of Sciences and Humanities,

Nazarbayev University

53 Kabanbai Batyr, 

Astana 010000, Kazakhstan


Physics Department website:
Research group website:

Phone: +7 7172 70 65 54, +7 705 706 4455


We are continuously looking for highly innovative, motivated and hard-working Postdoctoral Research Scientists, PhD and MS Students with advanced skills in laser-based materials characterization, optical instrumentation development, materials property measurements, characterization and experiment automation, theory and numerical modeling for the following R&D projects:


(1) High Temperature Thermophysics of Refractory Materials:

    - Nanosecond laser-driven heating, melting, ablation, linear and nonlinear acoustic

      wave generation and propagation 

    - Time- and spatially resolved spectral pyrometry, reflectometry, Raman scattering

      and photo-luminescence 

    - Optical design & construction, measurements & automation

    - Theory and numerical modeling of fast thermo-mechanical phenomena in solids

(2) Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Solids, Fluids and Interfaces: 

     - Ultrafast time- and frequency- domain thermoreflectance techniques

     - Photoacoustic technique for thermal conductivity and thermal interface


     - Spatially-resolved Raman and photoluminescence micro-spectroscopies

     - Ion implanted and swift heavy ion irradiated solids

     - Nano-engineered interfaces, thin films and superlattices

     - Theory and numerical modeling of nanoscale thermal transport in solids and fluids

(3) GHz Visco-Elastometry of Complex Liquids, Soft and Nanostructured Matter:

    - Spontaneous and stimulated Brillouin light scattering micro-spectroscopies

    - Molecular hydrodynamics, nonlinear and linear opto-acoustics & high frequency       

      rheometry of complex soft matter

    - Optical design & construction, measurements & automation

    - Theory and numerical modeling of high-frequency rheological phenomena


Interested candidates should send their CV to Prof. Zhandos Utegulov:



Tel: +7 (7172) 70 65 54,

       +7 (705) 706 4455

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