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Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Experiment / Modeling in Nano- & Micro- Scale Phonon Thermal Transport and Acoustics


Job Description

   We are seeking highly innovative and motivated Postdoctoral Research Scientist to work in the area of nano- and micro-scale phonon thermal transport and elastic properties of irradiated, interfacial, nanostructured and phase-transformed materials for advanced energy applications. This is an interdisciplinary research position on the intersection of laser-based metrology, thermophysics, solid-state physics, radiation material science, physical acoustics and nanotechnology. The focus will be on advanced laser techniques, designing and implementing opto-thermal experiments, performing spatially-resolved measurements and mapping of phonon mediated thermal transport and elastic properties in advanced functional material systems, analyzing results.     


   Postdoctoral candidates with strong theoretical and modeling skills to employ and develop multi-scale non-equilibrium and equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, ab initio atomic calculations, continuum and analytical modeling approaches to simulate the evolution of radiation defects & microstructure and their role on thermal conductivity and elastic properties are also sought.


  • Earned PhD degree in Physics, Material Science, Nanoscience, Mechanical Engineering or related field

  • Strong background in characterization of thermal transport and elastic properties and structure of materials.

  • Solid hands-on experimental skills with advanced laser-optical instrumentation (spatially-, time- and frequency-resolved pump-probe photothermal and photoacoustic techniques, inelastic light scattering & emission micro-spectroscopies, interferometry, laser vibrometry, optical design & construction, measurements, signal processing, data analysis & automation) is highly desirable

  • A background in the assessment of material performance under irradiation with a focus on designing and conducting high precision ion beam irradiation experiments, material structure fabrication with tailored phononic properties, qualifying and quantifying defects by advanced microstructure characterization and imaging techniques is highly desirable.


   The successful applicant must have the ability to work independently and in collaboration, possess strong communication skills and is expected to present research results at seminars, project meetings, national and international conferences and publish in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. He / she should also be able to generate advanced novel research concepts and proposals to secure new sources of external funding.


   This is a project-funded postdoctoral appointment with the possibility of renewal based upon satisfactory job performance. Interested candidates should send their CVs to

Prof. Zhandos Utegulov ( and Prof. Yanwei Wang (

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