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Continuum Surelight II-10 Q-switched 4-6 ns Nd:YAG laser operating at 1064, 532, 355 and 266 nm with the repetition rate of 1 - 10 Hz. 
Injection Seeder system for Continuum Surelite laser. Seeding produces an ultra-narrow single longitudinal mode output with a smooth temporal profile from the laser. 


Spectra Physics Navigator DPSS laser delivers high intensity 1064nm and 532 nm pulses with the  wide range of pulse widths (70-110 ns) and repetitions rates (1- 30 kHz).

Major Lab Instrumentation

Sandercock scanning 6-pass tandem Fabry-Perot interferometer is employed to measure Brillouin light scattering in various materials to study their viscoelastic properties. The technique is based on the interaction of CW laser photons with the fundamental matter excitations such as GHz acoustic phonons.
Bossa Nova Tempo laser ultrasonic vibrometer measuring sub-picometer in-plane and out-of-plane displacement at high frequency (up to 1 GHz) on any surface type without contact. It operates at 532 nm and empolys two-wave mixing photorefractive interferometry
Fraunhofer IWS LAWave laser acoustic test system: employs nanosecond laser pulses to excite surface acoustic wave pulses in thin films and on the surface of bulk materials to measure their elastic properties 




Teledyne Lecroy WavePro 7257Zi
2.5 GHz Oscilloscope
CW Millenia pumped Tsunami femtosecond laser for ultrafast thermoreflectance studies 
Conoptics EO modulator
Raman microscopy system including Lexel-95 UV argon gas CW laser,  Lotis-TI spectrometer, confocal microscope, AIST-NT atomic force microscope for AFM-Raman measurements
Two-wave mixing photorefractive interferometer is home-built interferometric system for out-of-plane vibrations detection in materials irradiated by of laser pulses 
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