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Welcome to AMRELAT LABORATORY located in the Department of Physics of School of Sciences & Humanities of Nazarbayev University!


Our research in on laser-based material science & optical sensing development with the focus on laser-matter interaction at various spatio-temporal scales. Nano- and micro-scale thermal transport in ion irradiated, nanostructured, interfacial and phase-transformed materials by advanced femtosecond and continuum laser-based thermoreflectance & opto-thermal Raman spectroscopy and modeling; Photoluminescence and Raman micro-spectroscopy of nanostructures and defects; GHz viscoelasticity of soft, nanostructured and bio-matter by Brillouin light scattering micro-spectroscopy and nanosecond pulse laser-driven melting measurements by laser acoustics & molecular dynamics simulations. 

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